Shire County Council of Borders elections from 1974 to 1994


A total of 33 Shire County Council Wards held elections in Borders between 1974 and 1994. The database holds elections for 6 separate years over the 21 year period. Borders held whole council elections once every four years. This can create a situation where an unhappy electorate can replace an entire council in a single election. As a result, these councils can appear to be more volatile than those with partial council elections.


Average participation in Borders over the 21 years was 41.89%. This was 3.72 percentage points lower than the average for all Shire County Council Councils holding elections in the same year (45.62%). Turnout was never exceeded the average for Shire County Council councils over the period. Turnout was lower than the average for Shire County Council councils in 1986 when it was 8.42 percentage points lower.

The Party System

This section examines the party system in Borders that existed in terms of number of seats won by each group in each election. In the analysis below, a party is considered to have won an election for the authority if it wins more seats than any other group. The extent to which a single party group wins all of the elections during the period is a measure of the dominance of a single party.

In terms of candidates elected, the party system in Borders between 1974 and 1994 was completely dominated by Independent candidates. These candidates won the most seats in all of the 6 elections held.

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